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Happy 4th of July!

So, just before you go out to all of the picnics, use this Independence Day to conquer your jewelry box to throw away broken jewelry and clean your costume jewelry. Jewelry can add so much character to any outfit, so taking care of them is top priority at Swathe. So much so, that we have created a Jewelry Cover that to give those precious jewels the five-star treatment. Our Jewelry Cover features two compartment zip pockets for rings and earrings, 3 snap necklace holder, and 2 button front closures to keep jewelry secure. The Jewelry Cover is made of 100% cotton, is lightly padded to keep jewelry safe, and the inside is lined with the perfect fabric. Begin by storing your jewelry in a dry and dust free area.

  • If you have items that require special care, don’t allow them to touch one another because this can cause scratching.
  •  If you’re being a bad care-giver of your jewelry and dust does happen to invade just use a soft toothbrush. Also, a special polishing cloth will work.  
  • To clean it more thoroughly, use a diluted mix of gentle liquid soap and water on a cloth or cotton swab. Please don’t over do it with the liquid, otherwise your costume jewelry will be ruined.
  • Always allow plenty of time for drying.
  • Last but never least, use Swathe’s Jewelry Cover to keep your precious jewels in perfect condition and organized!

Email us at info@swathebrands.com to receive a 20% off coupon code! www.swathebrands.com

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